So, For the past 10 months of FireWork being open, We've used a combination of two IPs to connect to our network. First being, Second being Now, Most people will have joined through the IP, Including myself the majority of the time, now I'm just droning on so you're probably like just get to the point already jack!

Well, On the 10th of may we will be dropping support for the IP, Now you may be wondering why? what was wrong with using that IP? Our biggest issue is, that IP came with our old proxy server host and we wish to change host due to our current host not being ideal for what we wish to do, and generally not ideal for you guys if anything goes wrong on their end.

What are the end results of this?
On the 10th I will be putting the server into maintenance to run the update on the IP, once I announce it on our Social Media Outreach{Discord, Twitter and Instagram}, Everyone will be able to connect to firework again normally using that IP!

Thanks all for the support and I hope this will be a smooth change for all players, not just us :)
So let's get this out the way, Yes lil bit of new everywhere is my SoundCloud name. Plz like my moosic I big good.

I say newww new for us behind the scenes! Pretty much most of this maintenance is for just code optimization on my part, I know why does it even affect y'all? It should make your experience better on the network slowly!

The main thing I need to speak about here is the ranks! Yep. Ranks.


Yeeeap ranks. Now it's a weird thing because it's out of nowhere, like completely out of nowhere but I felt like we needed a bit of refreshment. We've had the same ranks since release and I just feel we could improve upon what's there really! To start off with, the ranks Helper and Senior Builder have been removed, as they weren't really necessary and were just overcomplicating things.

Now the exciting stuff. To help refresh them a bit, and make them more fitting for the server, we've decided to rename and change the colours of the donator ranks on the server, as seen below.

FireWork ---> Fuse
FireStar ---> Rocket
Ultimate ---> Illuminator

We've also decided to change up the colours of some of the staff ranks as well, just cause we like to confuse people.

Builder ---> Builder
S Moderator ---> S Moderator
Manager ---> Manager

The server is now back up, looking forward to what this opens up for us! ;)
Sooooo 2 years, Been a minute huh? I guess you have questions from this. Why am I doing this thread? Some of you could even be asking who am I? Whys some randomer that isn't on the staff team(As far as you know) doing this announcement. Welp go on, Read ahead, See what comes out of it ;).

First of all, Thanks for everyone's support over the past two years for firework, We're lucky to have every one of you guys that play and support us on a regular basis, Whether you still play, used to play, plan to play more either of them We're thankful. We appreciate what we have and what we've had so far.

Take a few stats for your face:

We've had 925 unique account logins since our hub release.
We've had almost the same amount of different visits to the new forums(Since 01/18).

It's summer, It's a lovely time of the year, a time of the year that we're going to be busy busy busy! We've got a lot of plans to work on this summer, I know we're excited and can't wait to show you all. Some interesting updates for different things are coming.

So yes, it's true I'm back. What does it mean for you guys though? Not a lot. I'm resuming the position of "Operations Manager" for the network, what is more of an administrative role within the staff team but alongside that, I will be developing for the network again, so you should be hearing from me more regarding network features, etc!

I'm not going to continue to bore everyone over this, so just thank you all and make sure to watch this space!

Useful Commands

Island Commands

/is - Teleports you to your island (Creates an island if you don't have one)

/is spawn - Teleports you to Skyblock spawn

/is reset - Reset your island WARNING you only have 3 resets

/is sethome - Set the spawn point of your island

/is level - Calculate your island level

/is top - Shows top 10 island levels

/is ms - Opens a minishop

/is value - Shows values of blocks

/is warp - teleports you to your warp sign

/is warps - List all the islands that have warp signs

/is biomes - Change your islands level

/is lock - Lock your island from all players

/is settings - List your island settings

/challenges - Shows Skyblocks challenges

Team commands

/is invite - Invite a player to a team

/is leave - Leave a team island

/is team - List your team members

/is kick - Kick a player from your team

/is accept/reject - Accept/reject team island requests

/is makeleader - Make a team member the leader of the team


*Staff on FireWork don't deal with griefing, give players full access to your island at your own risk!

The Nether

The nether is open to all players. /warp nether

*Nether portals don’t work

The End

Coming soon!


There are 8 shops located at spawn that can be used to buy and sell items collected from your farms. (not all shops gave the option to sell items)...
Wow ok, This is a weird thing to be typing out right now but yep its official, as of when I post this I'm no longer the acting Operations Manager for FireWork Network.

So. You're probably wondering why? What's so sudden about this? etc Well, if I'm being entirely transparent this decision isn't a sudden thing, it's not something I just thought oh ye I'm leaving the team.

I've been debating with myself about this decision for a while now, seeking opinions from some of my closest friends in the past. It's not been easy but it's for the best for now. FireWork has been something that to me has been a passion project for the past year and a half now and unfortunately the past half a year of it I've been struggling to get on, for numerous reasons such as mental health, Family, Friends, Relationships, College.. They're all contributing factors really there's more than what I've listed but these are the main reasons. I've come to love so many people through this project some people I consider family to this day and will do for a long time really, It's been an interesting experience like anything it's had its ups and downs but it always seemed to pull through those times.

I want to take a moment to thank everyone reading this right now really, player, staff, ex-staff and you the players for playing on this project and continuing to support us. I hope what I've provided as a base for the future of FireWork turns out great for you guys and well I guess me now as well. To the staff, I wish you the best in all your future endeavours I can't wait to see what you guys build off of what I've worked on with FireWork so far as a team and to Ex-Staff I want to thank you for your willingness and a lot of your support through a lot of my shenanigans and just generally your attitudes towards FireWork as I haven't really had a bad staff member to work with so far.

So what this means for the future? I have no clue. It's out of my hands. What it means for me, well I'll be about...
Good Morning, Following the positive responses seen on the poll last week the Christmas party will be going ahead on the 15th of December at 3pm EST, or 8pm GMT.

The features of the event
We are looking at hosting mini-games, such as the games found naturally on the creative server like paintball and mob arena, and some custom ones on plots like build battles and such. Furthermore, after we’ve done some games on the server we’d like to invite those who are in the discord to our exclusive one of a kind (totally) karaoke call, you’ll be able to witness once in a lifetime events such as Jack singing let it go (no promises there), and the bonus of this is that you can decide your own music! You can choose your own songs to sing, as long as it meets our guidelines(as found below).

We’re also looking into potentially hosting a stream on the FireWork twitch channel with some members of the senior team, including myself, covering the majority of the event. With the stream going on, I will be hosting a playlist of festive themed music for everyone to come on and listen to on the FireWork room. So what do you choose? Stream? Music? It’s so much! Either way, it’d be nice to see you there.

Dates and Times
So, to recap. The event will be hosted on Saturday the 15th of December, at 3pm EST, or 8pm GMT respectively. The music on will start before the event, and the stream at the times stated above. Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the start of the event, as we are hoping to continue for a couple of hours, and the karaoke will be starting whenever the stream ends.

1. To choose your song, send the name of the song in the #karaoke-requests channel in the FireWork discord. If there’s a specific version, please make that clear
2. Preferably songs should be requested...
Hey all, So wow I got a lot to cover in this update! From small things to little things I have got some cool stuff to bring to you today. I'm gonna keep this short and streamlined for you all!

Hub v2.0

So, you're probably wondering, Why was the hub down just for this? It's not just this it's been general bug fixes, corrections and a full improvement on the hub server not just build most features are similar apart from our new game mode signs found in the depths of each game mode cave found around the hub!

Special credit it to @tangwyllt @3Fiedels and @YesItsTyler for their hard work on this new hub alongside me.

Forum Account Link

So, you're probably wondering Okay this is a cool cosmetic jack, but what does this actually mean for us? Well, I can say easily Forum Ranks, In the future, I will be giving FireWork and FireStar their own forum ranks and it looks cool to identify who you are in the game!

It's a really easy system to use, I've tried to streamline this system as much as I can.

1. Log onto the firework hub server and run the command "/link"


2. Click the message sent to you in chat that looks as such:


3. Then make sure you're signed into your forums account and you're done! Your posts will now look similar to this:


In future, you can manage the account link in the account drop-down menu under "Minecraft User"

1.13 Support

Yep, It's here! 1.13 client support across the whole network, whats there to say? Get loading 1.13 and log on if you want! Warning, There may be a few issues with it though unfortunately, we can't help that but will try get by how we can!

Manager Ranks

Now, You're probably confused,...
Wow! I can't even believe that I'm typing this thread up right now, It's official, FireWork is 1 Year old and wow what a year it has been! Now you're probably wondering, 1 year? That's really not much but what are we doing for it? C'mon we must be doing something! Now I'm going to be going over a few things in this thread here.

Initially, I want to do a few special appreciation notices from an administration's/My point of view showing a few of my feelings about these moments and showing some of maybe the newer player base the cool things that have happened! Then I shall be covering what I will be doing for this anniversary event! and then finally wrapping things up with this summer and a small thing for you guys to decide as the players!

So, A whole year. Many of you have been here for the year, some maybe not but either way, I have a massive thank you to everyone not only you guys, the players, The members of the networking's team we have had over the past year. Moderators, Builder and Developers alike without you guys we couldn't make FireWork what it is today without you guys supporting us and helping us through mine and tangs crazy shenanigans

First of all most, I want to just give a massive thanks to @tangwyllt for well making FireWork and allow myself and the team do what we have done to it up until today, Giving not just me, Many other people the first opportunity at a staffing position(Or position in a certain role), For me personally this was the first full-time developer role I had taken up ever as a proper java developer not just I guess "configurator"(Explains why my coding can be so rough trust me I've been coding for years now though lol), I know many people on the team it is their first time being moderator, builder etc and I have to say you have given many of us essentially a home and a family.

Secondly, I want to personally thank @Tori and @YesItsTyler for keeping me sane for the past year of...
Hey all,

Our new Helper applications are here!

With our new forums being out for some time now, alongside our survival server, There was something missing and that's helper applications, Until now! We've completely revamped the form so this does mean that anyone who did apply through the old form will no longer be considered for the Helper team, but this does not mean you cant reapply on the new form!

Please do not ask any staff member about gaining your helper rank, We've tried to answer what questions you may have below.

How to apply

Once reading through the above information you can click the link below to open the application, or you can go up to the navigation bar and hover over "applications" and select "Helper", if not read that information!

Potential Questions
Q. I'm younger than 13, Can I still apply?
A. IF you are younger than 13 and you still want to apply for helper you can apply if you want to do so but the chances of you being accepted would be low, almost non-existent. We have the minimum age as 13 for a reason. DO NOT contact us asking to be of exception to this rule.

Q. If I get accepted, what happens next?
A. When being accepted, you will usually have the application responded to by the current moderator leader or a member of the administration. You will also be contacted via discord by one of the network administrators whom will explain the steps beyond that.

Q. I can join voice channels but I am not allowed to talk, what does this mean?
A. Mostly, the voice channels are used for training, That's the only call that is essential to join but when on that call you do not need to talk, it just helps if you can.

more questions will be added over time as they come up

FireWork Administration Team
Woah it's unbelievable it's finally here! and I have to say people are rocking it so far :) Survival has been out for nearly a week now and people seem to be loving it, I know we are on the staff team! but one thing is, We released it with it being "BETA" so what does this actually mean for the survival server? Welp, I'm here to explain that, not only that what will be going on with survival and how I wish to work this BETA!

So let's start with the basic, What do I mean by "BETA"?

I initially chose to open survival in a "BETA" stage so you guys will understand completely that because survival is such a new game mode there will be plenty of bugs as we go along the BETA stage, but I also then further decided because we want to, as much as we can do, be a community-driven network that labelling survival BETA can show this is not its final form, I wanted to see the responses of everyone and all their suggestions before I labelled it "complete".

Okay, so we know that now, Whats the plan for suggestions etc?

So, first of all, I've made a thread on the Survival Forum for BETA, explaining this a little further and a few more details which you can view here but a baseline plan I have for the moment is, any suggestions given over the next few weeks will be taken into mind BUT only if they're in the correct places(#suggestions channel on the discord server or Network Suggestions Forum on here), then once I come back from my exams(Which end in roughly two weeks+) I will be going through them all and posting polls about...