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    Sooooo 2 years, Been a minute huh? I guess you have questions from this. Why am I doing this thread? Some of you could even be asking who am I? Whys some randomer that isn't on the staff team(As far as you know) doing this announcement. Welp go on, Read ahead, See what comes out of it ;).

    First of all, Thanks for everyone's support over the past two years for firework, We're lucky to have every one of you guys that play and support us on a regular basis, Whether you still play, used to play, plan to play more either of them We're thankful. We appreciate what we have and what we've had so far.

    Take a few stats for your face:

    We've had 925 unique account logins since our hub release.
    We've had almost the same amount of different visits to the new forums(Since 01/18).

    It's summer, It's a lovely time of the year, a time of the year that we're going to be busy busy busy! We've got a lot of plans to work on this summer, I know we're excited and can't wait to show you all. Some interesting updates for different things are coming.

    So yes, it's true I'm back. What does it mean for you guys though? Not a lot. I'm resuming the position of "Operations Manager" for the network, what is more of an administrative role within the staff team but alongside that, I will be developing for the network again, so you should be hearing from me more regarding network features, etc!

    I'm not going to continue to bore everyone over this, so just thank you all and make sure to watch this space!
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