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    Hey all, So wow I got a lot to cover in this update! From small things to little things I have got some cool stuff to bring to you today. I'm gonna keep this short and streamlined for you all!

    Hub v2.0

    So, you're probably wondering, Why was the hub down just for this? It's not just this it's been general bug fixes, corrections and a full improvement on the hub server not just build most features are similar apart from our new game mode signs found in the depths of each game mode cave found around the hub!

    Special credit it to @tangwyllt @3Fiedels and @YesItsTyler for their hard work on this new hub alongside me.

    Forum Account Link

    So, you're probably wondering Okay this is a cool cosmetic jack, but what does this actually mean for us? Well, I can say easily Forum Ranks, In the future, I will be giving FireWork and FireStar their own forum ranks and it looks cool to identify who you are in the game!

    It's a really easy system to use, I've tried to streamline this system as much as I can.

    1. Log onto the firework hub server and run the command "/link"


    2. Click the message sent to you in chat that looks as such:


    3. Then make sure you're signed into your forums account and you're done! Your posts will now look similar to this:


    In future, you can manage the account link in the account drop-down menu under "Minecraft User"

    1.13 Support

    Yep, It's here! 1.13 client support across the whole network, whats there to say? Get loading 1.13 and log on if you want! Warning, There may be a few issues with it though unfortunately, we can't help that but will try get by how we can!

    Manager Ranks

    Now, You're probably confused, what is this about? what now? We already did some weird stuff in the past with manager but this is it, we swear! Just to clean things up a little, We're updating it so now department leaders will be under the "Manager" rank with the official title "Build Team Manager" or "Moderation Team Manager"

    It just makes it clearer the managing members of the team and easier for us in the future if we wanted to get specific managers for say forums or content etc.

    With this, Tang has also decided to give me an "Operations Manager" rank across the network to represent my place on the team on so gg me? Otherwise notable changes will be with TJF101 being Manager now

    Thanks all for reading and I hope you enjoy the new hub!
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    build team
    hats off to you guys! hub 2.0 looks amazing
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