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    Good day everyone! in fact? Welcome! We are glad to be bringing you this finally after a few months of hard work, We can say Welcome to the FireWork Network Forums 2.0! Oh boy am I glad to be able to say that finally :D

    SO how come the change? Well, one main factor to it was, Our previous forums wouldn't allow us to have independent logins, Unlike this one! Also, We feel we can do a lot more with these forums unlike our past ones, But that is only yet to come!

    Okay, so we know why now? but what does this mean? This means we can offer more features to you, Manage our community events better and slowly improve the website experience more than we could before :) If you wish to see anything specific released on the website you can post it here!

    We've been working really hard on making this site as good as we can for this release, But I must warn you all, The website is very much so still in a beta stage, Certain features are yet to come and be improved on, Find an issue? Help us deal with it! Create a thread with the issue here, If you feel this is best to be messaged directly to someone message ItssJack or Diverso by clicking their names!

    In other news! Yesterday we announced our new official networks logos and the fact we are now called "FireWork Network", Alongside this, we did a small discord update introducing some small changes!

    So FireWork Network eh? Why the change from FireWork Server?! Well, we felt it would be nice with the new graphics to change to FireWork Network to introduce the start to the future services we wish to provide as a server.

    Discord changes? But y tho? We wanted to change a few things up on the discord to allow people to mute the text channel people may use primarily for the random convos they wish to have and allow people to still have the FireWork related chats unmuted and still get notifications from the chats they may want. Not only this, We are updating the way the reports text channel works, Well even more so we want to only run player reports through forums as it allows our senior mods+ and developers+ to manage it better than what we could with the discord.

    Now, something loads have been asking about, Survival, What is happening? The most I can say and in fact the best things I can say is We are working as a whole staff team side by side our best to release the game mode as soon as possible, But bear in mind that we still are focussing on making a quality product for you all to play on, as In our opinions, what is the point of releasing a game if its not good quality? Other than this, What details I can 100% Confirm is it will be a currency based game, Which means there will be things such as server shops and POSSIBLY player shops. There will be an ability to apply for player warps as I feel it'll be nice to allow you guys to create warps for everyone whether they be malls, fun zones, little towns We would like to give you guys the ability to show what you have made!

    Thanks everyone for the support and patience as We work on what we can for you guys, just keep in mind quality is better than quantity at times :)

    ~ FireWork Administration Team