Skyblock is here! + New rank??

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    NEW GAMEMODE! Skyblock

    Useful Commands

    Island Commands

    /is - Teleports you to your island (Creates an island if you don't have one)

    /is spawn - Teleports you to Skyblock spawn

    /is reset - Reset your island WARNING you only have 3 resets

    /is sethome - Set the spawn point of your island

    /is level - Calculate your island level

    /is top - Shows top 10 island levels

    /is ms - Opens a minishop

    /is value - Shows values of blocks

    /is warp - teleports you to your warp sign

    /is warps - List all the islands that have warp signs

    /is biomes - Change your islands level

    /is lock - Lock your island from all players

    /is settings - List your island settings

    /challenges - Shows Skyblocks challenges

    Team commands

    /is invite - Invite a player to a team

    /is leave - Leave a team island

    /is team - List your team members

    /is kick - Kick a player from your team

    /is accept/reject - Accept/reject team island requests

    /is makeleader - Make a team member the leader of the team


    *Staff on FireWork don't deal with griefing, give players full access to your island at your own risk!

    The Nether

    The nether is open to all players. /warp nether

    *Nether portals don’t work

    The End

    Coming soon!


    There are 8 shops located at spawn that can be used to buy and sell items collected from your farms. (not all shops gave the option to sell items)

    Your balance can be found using /bal

    Buy/Sell shops
    • Mobdrops
    • Farm
    • Ores
    • Blocks
    Buy Shops
    • Redstone
    • Fishing
    • Spawners
    • Tools

    There is a safe and secure trading system on the survival server to allow players to trade amongst themselves. Using the simple /trade <Player IGN> command you can trade claim blocks, exp, items and money through this system and it will all be secure.

    Player Shops

    We allow players to create shops using our sign shop plugin! Players are allowed to use shops as they wish as long as they are not scamming people(Moderators can determine a "scam shop" at their own discretion as stated in the network rules).


    Mobs spawners and spawn eggs are available to buy at spawn.

    Spawners can also be obtained through the nether and a silk pickaxe


    Jobs that are available on Skyblock:
    • Farmer
    • Builder
    • Woodcutter
    • Hunter
    • Fisherman
    Perks for ranks


    /hat on any block!

    5 /sethome's to use anywhere on Skyblock!

    /seen to view when someone was last on Skyblock!


    All FireWork Rank Perks

    /near to see whos near you.

    Fly within your island.


    All FireWork/FireStar Rank Perks

    7 /sethome’s to use anywhere on Skyblock

    SkyGod Rank

    The Skygod rank is given to the player(s) at the top of the island levelling leaderboard at the end of every month. The rank is given on the last day of each month and will last for the following month until the last day when a new player(s) at the top of the leaderboard will get the rank. *if the leaderboards haven't changed over the month the player will get the rank for another month.

    This starts from the 30th of April

    Vote Rewards

    Voting is currently not available on Skyblock, we hope to add this feature to Skyblock sometime in the future

    FireWork’s rules apply on the Skyblock server, you can view them here
    If you have any suggestions to make Skyblocks gameplay better please suggest them here
    Future updates to skyblock will be posted here

    If you find any issues with Skyblock please report them with a screenshot (if possible) to a staff member as soon as possible and we will try to fix the issue!

    We hope you enjoy Skyblock! :D

    The Ultimate rank

    The Ultimate rank is the final rank that we will be providing to buy. It's also the highest rank available getting all the perks from the other ranks.
    This rank will be added soon, more info on this rank will be given in a future update.

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    I have a few things to ask.

    For Minions, how many can you have? I see that some people can have up to 7 and I can only have 3.

    I tried /is coop <name> for my friend and it said that I don't have the permission to use that command.
    But when my friend did it for her island, it worked. So I was wondering which ranks can use that command and which ranks can't. (but in all honesty, I believe that anyone can use this command)