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    Woah it's unbelievable it's finally here! and I have to say people are rocking it so far :) Survival has been out for nearly a week now and people seem to be loving it, I know we are on the staff team! but one thing is, We released it with it being "BETA" so what does this actually mean for the survival server? Welp, I'm here to explain that, not only that what will be going on with survival and how I wish to work this BETA!

    So let's start with the basic, What do I mean by "BETA"?

    I initially chose to open survival in a "BETA" stage so you guys will understand completely that because survival is such a new game mode there will be plenty of bugs as we go along the BETA stage, but I also then further decided because we want to, as much as we can do, be a community-driven network that labelling survival BETA can show this is not its final form, I wanted to see the responses of everyone and all their suggestions before I labelled it "complete".

    Okay, so we know that now, Whats the plan for suggestions etc?

    So, first of all, I've made a thread on the Survival Forum for BETA, explaining this a little further and a few more details which you can view here but a baseline plan I have for the moment is, any suggestions given over the next few weeks will be taken into mind BUT only if they're in the correct places(#suggestions channel on the discord server or Network Suggestions Forum on here), then once I come back from my exams(Which end in roughly two weeks+) I will be going through them all and posting polls about them in again the Survival Forum any polls that get over 10 votes for being added will move onto the thought phase anything under that will get removed from polling, if the votes against it surpass the votes for it, it will also get removed from polling. I will send a message to the #announcements on the public discord when polling starts.

    So we have all of that out the way, What about the actual game mode information?

    I think it would be easier for me to break this into little subheadings, So you can view what information you need to/wish to rather than having to read through it all.


    The server itself is eco-based, Although a work in progress, there are server shops to spend or earn money at! Currently, as I post this there are four shops set up on the server, but more to come!
    There is a safe and secure trading system on the survival server to allow players to trade amongst themselves. Using the simple /trade <Player IGN> command you can trade claim blocks, exp, items and money through this system and it will all be secure.​
    Player Shops
    We allow players to create shops using our sign shop plugin! Players are allowed to use shops as they wish as long as they are not scamming people(Moderators can determine a "scam shop" at their own discretion as stated in the network rules). A video will be uploaded soon to the FireWork Network YouTube channel explaining how to use the player shops.
    Ranked Perks
    With the new gamemode we have updated our VIP perks a little to acustom to it! the current VIP perks are as follows.


    • /hat on any block!
    • 10 /sethome's to use anywhere on survival!
    • Monthly kits {More details Coming Soon}
    • All FireWork Rank Perks
    • /seen to view when someone was last on survival!
    • /near to see whos near you.
    Vote Rewards
    From voting there are two potential rewards you can obtain, One being a key to our lowest crate on the server(Ingition Key), in which you have a 60% chance of obtaining when voting. Alongside this you have a 20% chance of obtaining a key for the highest crate on the survival server(Discharge Key). You only have certain percantage chances for these crates as you can get some great items from the crates it would be too over-powering if you had them everytime.
    This information is only what is implemented as of this date, there will be and is more to come in the future which will be posted in the survival forum found here

    Now that all that is cover, I would like to first of all most welcome all our new players that have joined the network for our survival and/or since survival has come out! It's been great to see the new faces alongside some of the old that has just become active again. We hope to be working hard on survival as time goes on to bring you new and exciting things to it as it is something you guys appear to love it so much. Tang and I thank you all the support so far! Interested to see what is to come in the future.

    - GITBJack
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