The Adventure 2.0 Update!

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    ITS HERE... The biggest plot update yet!!!


    Welcome to Epic's Adventure plot 2.0, this is our largest update yet, there is a lot to talk about, so lets get started.

    First, as some of you may know, the plot was recently closed for a span of two months, and some people were like :O no or !? Fear not, over this span we have been developing two brand new rides and attractions, as well as a new maze/PVP event, new lands, and mini games. After Pirates of the Caribbean was such a huge
    successes, we have decided to host a poll as some of you may have seen and replied to. The winning choice was that you would rather run a MC resource pack in-game as opposed to listen to the soundtracks through YT. We took these ideas and other common complaints into consideration and have developed the Epics Plot Resource Pack which will be available to download here:

    Plot Pack Download (Click the fat green button that says Download, 22.86MB):
    (Need a tutorial on how to install a pack? This one might help) Tutorial:
    (This is extremely easy and highly recommended, Planet MC/Media-fire is 100% safe {don't, DON'T click on adds anyway} if you still need help as your PC may have a different lay out as opposed to the video feel free to PM me on discord.)
    YOU MUST have the pack downloaded before coming if you are going to use it.


    You might be saying, WAIT what if my PC cannot handle to pack, or I just don't want to use it... Well your in luck because this pack has been tested on many different computers and is very easy to run. "WAIT WHAT IF I STILL DO NOT WANT TO USE IT!" Well its all good because we have taken the time to upload all of the plot soundtracks to you tube for you to listen to them through discord. (This may be more harsh on your PC as opposed to the pack). Now that that stuff is out of the way... time to discus what we are adding.


    1. Outlaw Run:
    Take a trip through the west on and old mine cart and clear the village of crime. This 1st person shooter/thrill ride is not only fun but has some built in competition as well. At the end of the month, the outlaw with the most cash gained will receive that reward (more details coming soon).

    2. Norway/Maelstrom:
    Disney Killed Noway, But we wont. XD For those Disney fans out there we have gone and made an exact replica of what the old Norway Pavilion at Disney's Epcot used to look like. It features a main boat attraction: Maelstrom, board a viking ship and set sail throughout, ancient, mythological, and modern day Norway.

    3. laBreakout:
    You find your self under an abandoned storage facility and sent on a mission to recover an artifact lost decades ago in a secret lab. Be warned, who knows whats down there?!

    4. Skin-comp/Mini-games/Puzzles:
    All have been fixed up with new prizes and new places to explore.

    (More will be released soon)


    More information will be released soon. THIS IS NOT THE ONLY CHANGE COMING THIS MONTH :O Talk to epic or anyone on the plot team for more information.

    Extra Information/Tickets:
    - Opening Day: July 1st
    - Tickets are on sale now:

    [​IMG]1 Plot Band, All Access= $100 Survival


    That's all for now, more to come out soon...
    ~ EPIC, Cap, J, Banjo, Leggy, Jacko